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Title Job Req ID Location Date
Merchandise Planner & Allocator (m/f/d) Kids Divis
Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 03-Sep-2020 0.00 km 28001 VilvoordeBrussels-Merchandise-Planner-&-Allocator-%28mfd%29-Kids-Divis
28001 Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 03-Sep-2020
Merchandise Planner & Allocator (m/f/d) Kids Divis
Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 06-Sep-2020 0.00 km 31681 VilvoordeBrussels-Merchandise-Planner-&-Allocator-%28mfd%29-Kids-Divis
31681 Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 06-Sep-2020
Store Manager Messancy
Waremme, Luxembourg, BE 14-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33704 Luxe Waremme-Store-Manager-Messancy-Luxe
33704 Waremme, Luxembourg, BE 14-Sep-2020
Senior Store Profiling Manager (m/w/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 11-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33739 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Senior-Store-Profiling-Manager-%28mwd%29
33739 Düsseldorf, DE 11-Sep-2020
Merchandise Planner & Allocator Assistant (m/f/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 11-Sep-2020 0.00 km 34562 D%C3%BCsseldorf-MPA-Assistant
34562 Düsseldorf, DE 11-Sep-2020
Team Assistenz (m/w/d) Store Concept
Düsseldorf, DE 23-Sep-2020 0.00 km 30842 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Team-Assistant-%28mfd%29-Store-Concept
30842 Düsseldorf, DE 23-Sep-2020
BOOM, Boom, Antwerpen, BE 10-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33690 Boom BOOM-TEAMLEADER-TECHNISCHE-DIENST-Boom
33690 BOOM, Boom, Antwerpen, BE 10-Sep-2020
(Assistant) Floor Manager Hasselt
Oostende, BE 10-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33775 Oostende-%28Assistant%29-Floor-Manager-Hasselt
33775 Oostende, BE 10-Sep-2020
Unit Leader Buying Outerwear (m/f/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 02-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33927 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Unit-Leader-Buying-Outerwear-%28mfd%29
33927 Düsseldorf, DE 02-Sep-2020
Junior Product Manager / Buyer (m/f/d) Yessica Dre
Düsseldorf, DE 03-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33941 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Junior-Product-Manager-Buyer-%28mfd%29-Yessica-Dre
33941 Düsseldorf, DE 03-Sep-2020
Senior Buyer / Product Manager Lingerie (m/f/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 22-Sep-2020 0.00 km 27745 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Buyer-Product-Manager-Lingerie-Basics-%28mfd%29
27745 Düsseldorf, DE 22-Sep-2020
Product Manager/ Buyer Kids Department (m/f/d)
Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 23-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33774 VilvoordeBrussels-Product-Manager-Buyer-Kids-Department-%28mfd%29
33774 Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 23-Sep-2020
Buyer / Product Manager Ladies Soft Wovens (m/f/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 25-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33618 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Buyer-Product-Manager-Ladies-Soft-Wovens-%28mfd%29
33618 Düsseldorf, DE 25-Sep-2020
Visual Merchandiser Hasselt
Brussel, BE 10-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33773 Brussel-Visual-Merchandiser-Hasselt
33773 Brussel, BE 10-Sep-2020
Head of Human Resources (m/f/d) - C&A Germany
Düsseldorf, DE 26-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33881 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Head-of-Human-Resources-Germany-%28mfd%29
33881 Düsseldorf, DE 26-Sep-2020
Visual Merchandiser Sint-Niklaas (stationsstraat)
Brussel, BE 14-Sep-2020 0.00 km 34501 Brussel-Visual-Merchandiser-Sint-Niklaas-%28stationsstraat%29
34501 Brussel, BE 14-Sep-2020
IT Business Analyst (m/w/d) Store Solutions 1 1
Düsseldorf, DE 23-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33725 D%C3%BCsseldorf-IT-Business-Analyst-%28mwd%29-Store-Solutions-1-1
33725 Düsseldorf, DE 23-Sep-2020
Product Management Assistant (m/f/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 03-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33931 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Product-Management-Assistant-%28mfd%29
33931 Düsseldorf, DE 03-Sep-2020
IT Testmanager (m/w/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 29-Aug-2020 0.00 km 28603 D%C3%BCsseldorf-IT-Testmanager-%28mwd%29
28603 Düsseldorf, DE 29-Aug-2020
Product Management Assistant Toddler Boys (m/f/d)
Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 05-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33758 VilvoordeBrussels-Product-Management-Assistant-Toddler-Boys-%28mfd%29
33758 Vilvoorde/Brussels, BE 05-Sep-2020
Senior Transformation Program Manager (m/f/d) Spec
Düsseldorf, DE 17-Sep-2020 0.00 km 28203 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Transformation-Program-Manager-%28mfd%29-Special-Pro
28203 Düsseldorf, DE 17-Sep-2020
Transformation Program Manager (m/f/d) Selling & O
Düsseldorf, DE 04-Sep-2020 0.00 km 30982 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Transformation-Program-Manager-%28mfd%29-Selling-&-O
30982 Düsseldorf, DE 04-Sep-2020
Junior Business Process Specialist (m/f/d) System
Düsseldorf, DE 16-Sep-2020 0.00 km 29221 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Junior-Business-Process-Specialist-%28mfd%29-System
29221 Düsseldorf, DE 16-Sep-2020
Senior Transformation Program Manager (m/f/d) Purc
Düsseldorf, DE 17-Sep-2020 0.00 km 30624 D%C3%BCsseldorf-%28Senior%29-Transformation-Program-Manager-%28mfd%29
30624 Düsseldorf, DE 17-Sep-2020
Senior Manager Online Brand Marketing (m/f/d) Prog
Düsseldorf, DE 24-Sep-2020 0.00 km 33574 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Senior-Manager-Online-Brand-Marketing-%28mfd%29
33574 Düsseldorf, DE 24-Sep-2020