Strategic Transformation & Brand Marketing

Our Strategy and Marketing teams are building our brand and corporate identity, creating awareness for C&A through a variety of channels, in the media, online and in-store. We are one of the most famous brands in fashion retail and are constantly evolving to make sure we stay an iconic brand.

You are either located in our head offices in Dusseldorf or Brussels or in our country offices. You will support our European markets with top-notch Marketing material while driving brand loyalty and making sure customers know about everything we do. This means working together with people from various backgrounds, liaising with agencies, connecting with customers and driving strategic projects - to build a compelling customer journey from home to store. Sounds exciting? Have a look at our job opportunities in Strategy & Marketing below.

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Senior Manager Paid Social Media (m/f/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 12.08.2020 0.00 km 33572 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Senior-Manager-Paid-Social-Media-%28mfd%29
33572 Düsseldorf, DE 12.08.2020
Senior Manager Digital Campaigns & Brand Website (
Düsseldorf, DE 12.08.2020 0.00 km 33580 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Senior-Manager-Digital-Campaigns-&-Brand-Website-%28
33580 Düsseldorf, DE 12.08.2020
Business Analyst (m/w/d) im Bereich Business Intel
Düsseldorf, DE 11.08.2020 0.00 km 27952 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Business-Analyst-%28mwd%29-im-Bereich-Business-Intel
27952 Düsseldorf, DE 11.08.2020
Verkäuferin (f/m/d) 50%
CH 11.08.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferin-%28fmd%29-50
CH 11.08.2020
CH 10.08.2020 0.00 km Spontanbewerbung
CH 10.08.2020
Verkäuferinnen (f/m/d) 40-60% befristet, Volketswil
CH 10.08.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferinnen-%28fmd%29-40-60-befristet%2C-Volketswil
CH 10.08.2020
Verkäuferinnen (f/m/d) 30% und 40% befristet, Egerkingen
CH 10.08.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferinnen-%28fmd%29-30-und-40%2C-Egerkingen
CH 10.08.2020
(Junior) SAP IDM Administrator (m/w/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 06.08.2020 0.00 km 25773 D%C3%BCsseldorf-%28Junior%29-SAP-IDM-Administrator-%28mwd%29
25773 Düsseldorf, DE 06.08.2020
Senior Developer (m/w/d) SAP HCM
Düsseldorf, DE 06.08.2020 0.00 km 25769 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Senior-Developer-%28mwd%29-SAP-HCM
25769 Düsseldorf, DE 06.08.2020
Verkäuferin (f/m/d) 50% befristet, Mels
CH 06.08.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferin-%28fmd%29-50-befristet%2C-Mels
CH 06.08.2020