Stores & Store Operations

Are you interested in fashion, an enthusiastic and positive person who really enjoys interacting with others? You are a pro when it comes to selling? Do you also like working as part of a team? Then you have come to exactly the right place, because we are offering varied and interesting jobs in our Sales organization and in our stores. Close contact with the customer is our first priority. Do you love working with customers? Have a look at the job opportunities in our Stores & Store Operations below.

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IT Business Analyst (m/w/d) Store Solutions
Düsseldorf, DE 23.09.2020 0.00 km 33725 D%C3%BCsseldorf-IT-Business-Analyst-%28mwd%29-Store-Solutions
33725 Düsseldorf, DE 23.09.2020
Teamassistenz (m/w/d) Store Concept
Düsseldorf, DE 23.09.2020 0.00 km 30842 D%C3%BCsseldorf-Team-Assistant-%28mfd%29-Store-Concept
30842 Düsseldorf, DE 23.09.2020
Verkäuferin (f/m/d) 50%, Pfäffikon
CH 22.09.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferin-%28fmd%29-50%2C-Pf%C3%A4ffikon
CH 22.09.2020
Store Leader Assistant (f/m/d) 100%, Zürich
CH 21.09.2020 0.00 km Store-Leader-Assistant-%28fmd%29-100%2C-Z%C3%BCrich
CH 21.09.2020
Verkäuferin mit Schlüsselfunktion (f/m/d) 100%, Zürich
CH 21.09.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferin-mit-Schl%C3%BCsselfunktion-%28fmd%29-100%2C-Z%C3%BCrich
CH 21.09.2020
Verkäuferinnen (f/m/d) 50-60%, Zürich
CH 21.09.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferinnen-%28fmd%29-20-80%2C-Z%C3%BCrich
CH 21.09.2020
Floor Managers (f/m/d) 100%, Zürich
CH 21.09.2020 0.00 km Floor-Managers-%28fmd%29-100%2C-Z%C3%BCrich
CH 21.09.2020
Verkäuferinnen (f/m/d) 50-80% befristet, Zürich
CH 21.09.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferinnen-%28fmd%29-50-80-befristet%2C-Z%C3%BCrich
CH 21.09.2020
Verkäuferinnen (f/m/d) 20-30%, Zürich
CH 20.09.2020 0.00 km Verk%C3%A4uferinnen-%28fmd%29-20-30%2C-Z%C3%BCrich
CH 20.09.2020
eCommerce Operations Manager (m/w/d)
Düsseldorf, DE 20.09.2020 0.00 km 31621 D%C3%BCsseldorf-eCommerce-Operations-Manager-%28mwd%29
31621 Düsseldorf, DE 20.09.2020